Raccoon Removal & Exclusion in Westchester, NY

raccoon exclusion in new yorkWestchester Raccoon Removal is the leading Wildlife Removal company in the tri-state area, specializing in Raccoon Trapping, Raccoon Removal and Exclusion Services. For over 18 years, we've proudly delivered lasting solutions, to our ever growing base of satisfied customers. We are fully licensed and insured and we service both Residential and Commercial properties, in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut areas.

24/7 Emergency Raccoon Removal - Call 914.816.3008

Our Wildlife Removal Technicians are trained to humanely trap and remove any size Raccoon Infestation. Whether you have a Sick Raccoon* stumbling around your yard, or a family of raccoons living in your attic, we can solve the problem. We come from a background in Finish Carpentry and all of our custom repairs come backed with an industry leading warranty. Our goal is to deliver fast and reliable service, at reasonable service rates. The satisfaction of our customers is of paramount importance and we can guarantee your home remains raccoon free!

We believe in the humane and respectful treatment of all animals. Under no circumstances are poisons or chemicals ever used, or needed, to properly eliminate a raccoon infestation.

It's Raccoon Breeding Season! If you hear Noises in the Attic, or see evidence of wildlife living in your home, Call Westchester Raccoon Removal Today! 914.816.3008

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***If a Raccoon is seen stumbling around during the day, there's a good chance it's Sick with Rabies. Retreat to a safe distance and Call Us Immediately! Even if the raccoon has already passed away, call a professional to care for the Raccoon Removal in the safest way possible.

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Raccoon Damage Repair & Attic Decontamination

raccoon attic vent entryRaccoons are capable of causing significant damage to the structure of your home, in order to gain access. They can pull away soffit and attic venting, make their way into unprotected chimneys and even tear away at roofing, when they're especially motivated. With Raccoon Breeding Season upon us, Raccoons have begun making their way into attics, all across the northeast. They look for the warmth and safety that your home can provide them. The problem is that the damage accumulates very quickly and become more expensive to correct as time goes on.

Raccoons will tear and shred insulation for warmth, when nesting in an attic. Raccoons also urinate and defecate where they nest, which leads to contamination hazards, wrecked insulation and fecal and urine staining on your walls and ceilings. The odor from a Raccoon infestation is unmistakable and will saturate and permeate everything, until the contamination is removed and the space cleaned. It's not uncommon for our technicians to diagnose a raccoon infestation by scent alone, while walking around the exterior of a home.

raccoon contamination in an atticDon't let Raccoons take over your attic. Their damage will only grow worse as the season continues and their family groups continue to grow. Raccoons are known for having the greatest incidents of rabies in the animal kingdom. We've seen sick raccoons die time and time again inside the attics they were living in. This leads to flies, maggots and decomposition, which is one of the worst smells imaginable. Raccoons are also known carriers of several disease vectors, including ticks, mites and fleas, and their fecal matter is a carrier for a deadly parasite called Roundworm.

Whenever a Raccoon Infestation has occurred inside your home, decontamination and restoration is necessary. The work is very hazardous and should always be carried out by a trained professional, with proper safety equipment!

Keep the Raccoons out for good! Every onsite inspection comes with a written estimate for all damage repairs and exclusion work necessary. All entry points into your building will be located and properly sealed, providing effective measures for rodents, bats, raccoons, snakes, birds and other unwelcome wildlife. Schedule a Consultation Today! Call 914.816.3008

Raccoon Trapping, Removal and Control Services

Westchester Raccoon Removal provides a custom Raccoon Trapping Program for each raccoon issue we encounter. Humane trapping techniques are employed to ensure that each exclusion service is carried out in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner. We adhere to all regulations set forth by The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC).

Don't leave a Raccoon Infestation Untreated. Call Us Today! 914.816.3008


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Customer Testimonials - Raccoon Removal & Exclusions

  • "Westchester Raccoon Removal is the only 24/7 wildlife company out there. We heard baby raccoons crying in our walls in the middle of the night. Westchester Raccoon Removal actually answered the phone when we called, even though it was about 2am. They dispatched their overnight technician, who rescued 3 baby raccoons by hand and set traps up on our roof. The following afternoon, they returned to retrieve the mother raccoon they'd trapped. They even sent me pictured that night, of the raccoon family reunited at their raccoon rehabilitation facility. They are an excellent company. We'll absolutely use them in the future if needed."

    January 5, 2014 – Jodi S. Wolfe, Bedford, NY

  • "Westchester Raccoon Removal is an honest and professional wildlife removal company. They're excellent at what they do. They were very kind and humane in their treatment of the raccoons they trapped. Their prices also seemed very reasonable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone."

    December 28, 2013 – Dolores Horton, Hawthorne, NY

  • "We called Westchester Raccoon Removal, when we saw a sickly raccoon walking in circles in our back yard. The poor thing was foaming from the mouth and stumbling over itself. They arrived at our house in about an hour and promptly snared the poor thing. They informed us that the rabid raccoon would be humanely euthanized and have its remains cremated. They were so respectful and kind. We were incredibly impressed."

    December 16, 2013 – James Sweitzer, Armonk, NY

westchester raccoon removal Emergency Raccoon Removal

raccoon removal - westchester new york

Raccoon Trapping and Removal we've recently performed in Westchester County, New York.

raccoon family trapped roof damage by mother raccoon baby raccoons crying in an attic attic severely damaged by raccoons
attic vent destroyed raccoon living on my property soffit damaged by raccoons raccoon trapped on the roof

westchester raccoon control Raccoon Removal Services

Westchester Raccoon Removal is a full service wildlife company, capable of expertly handling every aspect of the squirrel removal process

  • 24/7 Emergency Raccoon Removal
  • Complete Home Inspections
  • Raccoon Trapping Programs
  • Wildlife Removal & Control
  • Raccoon Damage Repair and Exclusion
  • Attic Decontamination & Restoration

Noises in the Attic? If you suspect Raccoons are living in your home, we can help!

Call Us Today! 914.816.3008

westchester raccoon trapping Raccoon Contact Form

Send us a message and we'll respond as quickly as we receive it! Or Call us 24/7!


Serving All of Westchester County, New York

Our team of trained specialist can be dispatched to any town in Westchester, NY.

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